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Friday September 8, 2017

Program 1 (5:30 – 6:30pm) Burke Theater – Navy Memorial Heritage Center

The Bothy Project / Nov 2016 / Jen Randall – UK – 10 min   USA Premiere

The Bothy Project is about exploring the wilds on your own terms, in your own style. Artists Tessa Lyons, Natasha Brooks and writer Claire Carter take themselves into the vast emptiness of the Sheneval bothy in the Scottish Northwest to let go and unravel. A run, a hike, a swim; a painting, a poem, or an animation, each woman’s
experience is woven into this beautiful short film.

Poumaka / May 2016 / Andy Mann, Keith Ladzinski – USA – 15 min

Bouldering champion, Angie Payne, leaves everything she knows beyond as she ventures deep into the French Polynesian jungle with veteran climber and explorer, Mike Libecki. Their objective, to put up a first ascent on the south face of the Poumaka Tower. Directors Andy Mann and Keith Ladzinski capture blood, sweat, and tears as the team climbs through mud and fear, into the unknown.

Muni / July 2015 / Craig Hall – Canada – 3 min

Twelve-year old Noah Isaac explores his passion for mountain unicycling, known as “Muni”, on the black diamond mountain biking trails in Canmore, Alberta as his mountain guide father encourages him to challenge himself and build his mountain sense.


Inside Iran / Sept 2016 / Puria Ravahi – Germany – 18 min English Subtitles

Three friends from southern Germany have a common goal: summit and ski the highest mountain of the Orient — the 5,671 meter Damavand. Each travels to Iran for different reasons which unfold during their time exploring this region. After 35 years, Puria wants to visit his birthplace of Tehran again since Puria and his mother fled Iran when he was just 5 years old.


Going Flat Out With Your Buddies / May 2017 / Kevin Day – USA – 1 min

Age is irrelevant in outdoor pursuits!  Little rippers dawn helmets and hit the single-track like seasoned pros prepping for the X-games.  Dropping jumps, banking corners, and crashes fill the screen as a proud father and amateur filmmaker catches all the action.

Program 2 (Main Program) (7:30 – 9:30pm) Burke Theater – Navy Memorial Heritage Center

Douglas Tompkins: A Wild Legacy / August 2016 / James Martin, Chris Cresci – USA – 16 min

Douglas Tompkins was a world-renowned adventurer, entrepreneur, and conservationist. The founder of The North Face and cofounder of Esprit, Doug alongside his wife, Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, have helped secure 4.75 million acres in new protected areas in Chile and Argentina including five new national parks.


The Accord / March 2016 / RC Cone – USA – 19 min

A story about the turbulent relationship between an Icelandic surfer and the North Atlantic wind.


Foodless Odyssey / May 2017 / Anthill Films – Canada – 11 min

The Foodless Odyssey has been a longtime dream of Pro mountain biker Matt Hunter. The idea is to bike-pack through hundreds of kilometers of wilderness on the remote Island of Haida Gwaii, living entirely off the land. The rules were simple, we would carry all the survival tools we needed to bike, fish, hunt and camp…. but absolutely no food. Everything we would consume for the weeklong journey would have to be harvested from the land.


The Gold Line / Dec 2016 / Lance Childers – USA – 12 mins

The sun breaks the horizon and covers the Houston skyline in morning light and long shadows. This is the beginning of the golden hour.  Six skateboarders navigate their own lines through the urban landscape of Houston. The day, and their lives have just begun. Few will ever be this alive and awake.





Where the Wild Things Play / April 2017 / Krystle Wright – USA – 4 min

There’s a revolving conversation of asking why aren’t there more females in the adventure industry whether its big mountain skiing, filmmakers, big wall climbers and so forth. Well it’s about time we found out Where the Wild Things Play.


Chocolate Spokes / March 2017 / Brendan Leonard – USA – 5 min

Gregory Crichlow left his architecture job in 2011 to start a bicycle shop in Five Points, a traditionally African-American and Latino neighborhood in Denver. Servicing residents’ bikes keeps the doors open, but hand-building steel frames is what inspires him.

The Time Travelers / March 2017 / Forest Woodward – USA – 23 min

On January 13, 2017, members of the USA Rafting Team pushed off in an attempt to break a legendary speed record down 277 miles of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. With full-time jobs, families, and responsibilities, these scrappy 30-40-year olds set a goal of 34 hours. “The Time Travelers” is the story of
ordinary people attempting something extraordinary on one of the world’s most breathtaking rivers.

Fast Forward / Feb 2016 / Ryan Heffernan, Grayson Schaffer – USA – 8 min

For bikepacker and ultra-long-distance racer Lael Wilcox, taking on the Arizona Trail—800+miles of desert singletrack—is a challenge unlike any other, and it will test her to the core.

A Higher Crawling / Nov 2016 / Eric Becker – USA – 2 min

Two tiny titans at the top of their game battle for a first ascent.


Brujas / April 2017 / Miles Joris-Peyrafitte – USA – 7 min

A look at NYC’s female skate culture and the girls who are taking a stand to shift social norms in their city. “Brujas” is an urban, free-form, creative and autonomous organization that seeks to build radical political coalition through youth culture. The group of minority female skaters express community through skateboarding, art and political organizing.


Anything You Want / Feb 2017 / Greg Dennis – UK – 4 min   North American Premiere

Each year the UK Pro Surf Tour draws to a close with it’s final event held at Thurso East, Scotland. Harry De Roth makes the journey from Cornwall to compete in his last Under 18s before he joins the Men’s Open. It’s not just the Thurso Surf Festival that attracts Harry to Scotland, the Celtic coastline is amass with hidden treasures. You can find anything you want.


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Program 3 (10:00 – 11:00pm) Burke Theater – Navy Memorial Heritage Center

Climbing Films

Old Man Lightning Teaser / May 2017 / Dawn Kish – USA – 3 min   World Premiere

Cranky, yet witty bouldering legend John “Verm” Sherman has lost his mojo and is jonesing to regain it. What better way than to climb the world’s most famous boulder problem, Yosemite’s iconic Midnight Lightning? He climbed it 25 years ago, but since then the climb has gotten harder and Verm’s gotten softer due to beerlust and a third-degree burning passion for bird photography. Can old man Verm reclimb
Midnight Lighting?

Within Reach / May 2017 / Ryan Heffernan, Grayson Schaffer – USA – 12 min

63% of women said they could not think of an outdoor female role model. 6 in 10 women say that men’s interests in outdoor activities are taken more seriously than women’s. An important look at gender disparity in climbing where negative social norms and pressures exist that make women feel in competition with one another to prove themselves strong enough, good enough, tough enough to hang with men in
the outdoors (office, gym, etc).

 Freedom of the Wheels / March 2017 / Jon Glassberg – USA – 17 min

An unmotivated and languishing Matt Segal gets inspiration from an unlikely place and recruits Will Stanhope, his life-partner-in-crime to accompany him on a winter adventure that will test their strength, stamina, and friendship. On Matt’s 50cc scooter, the boys set out with an iron resolve to ride from Boulder to Aspen, Colorado to do a little ice climbing. What happens in between is nothing short of extraordinary.



Safety Third / May 2017 / Cedar Wright, Taylor Keating – USA – 29 min

Brad Gobright is beyond bold. From his runout and poorly protected trad climbs to his unimaginable free solos, watch as Gobright recovers from a back breaking fall and attempts some of the hardest ascents of his career.


Program 4 (5:30 – 6:30pm) Burke Theater – Navy Memorial Heritage Center

Components of Adventure: Réunion Island / May 2017 / Colin Jones – Canada – 4 min

While the search for an adventure can happen close to home, we found ourselves travelling to remote Réunion Island — a mountainous and volcanic island in the Indian Ocean. Here you can find miles on miles of single-track winding through deep green, lush and tropical rainforests. Follow along as riders Bryn Atkinson and Bas Van Steenbergen meet up with locals David Delassus and Theo Booy who share their
island’s trail riches.

Slacker / Feb 2017 / Max Lowe – USA – 9 min

Slacklining to many is a mystery, a line where impossible and possible collide. For Terry Acomb it’s simply a way of life. This Fruita, Colorado based geologist has pioneered the sport in North America and is doing everything it takes to spread the passion nationwide. “Slacker” takes you inside Terry’s life uncovering his fundamental role in the slackline community and the work he’s put into the progression and accessibility of this sport.

 Changing Course / Jan 2017 / Ryan Heffernan, Grayson Schaffer – USA – 8 min

Clare Gallagher was headed toward medical school, until she realized the path everyone else wanted her to take wouldn’t make her happy. So she took one step back, 100 miles forward, and went in a new direction.


 We Call This Home / July 2015 / Walter Chang – USA – 4 min

In 2011, Walter Chang quit his job and embarked on what would become a 3-year backpacking trip to 60 countries. His travels resulted in the “We Call This Home” project. The viral short film and the accompanying hardcover photography book have inspired countless people across the world to explore our planet.


On Days Like These We Must Surf / Sept 2016 / Jake Kovnat – Canada – 8 min

Surfing on a lake? Impossible, right? Wrong. Loveable wild-man Larry Cavero lives for surfing the ice-cold waters of The Great Lakes in this short documentary about the burgeoning surf scene around Toronto, Canada.





Trail Angel / Feb 2016 / Ryan Heffernan, Grayson Schaffer – USA – 6 min

Many people look to the outdoors to find peace of mind. For Paul Stiffler, better known as Ponytail Paul, the Appalachian Trail and its thru-hikers have been the therapeutic force needed to turn his life around. Paul has taken on a role as “Trail Angel” to help thru-hikers on their 2,186-mile journey and help himself find a new sense of purpose in the process.


Hunting Giants / March 2017 / Sean Horlor, Steve Adams – Canada – 24 min USA Premiere

A wilderness explorer struggles to find the biggest tree in Canada outside a logging town on the brink of collapse. Meanwhile the local aboriginal community’s fight to save itself from extinction takes a surprising turn. This cinematic adventure into the old-growth rainforests of British Columbia explores a question faced by
industrial towns across the world: what happens when your resource runs out?

Program 5/6 (7:30-9:30pm) – Burke Theater – Navy Memorial Heritage Center

7:30 – 8:30pm

Dominic Gill and Nadia Gill – Encompass Films Presentation and Films including “Feel the Burn”.

Join us for a look at the lives of award-winning adventure filmmakers Dominic and Nadia Gill of Encompass Films.

Dominic Gill is a British adventurer, filmmaker and author.  At the age of 25, Dominic left the corporate world of environmental consulting to fulfill his dream as an adventurer and filmmaker.  Gill’s first adventure film Take A Seat: Alaska to Argentina, in which he rode a tandem bicycle from top of Alaska to the bottom of Argentina, won Special Jury Prize at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in 2009.  Now, when he is not out climbing, exploring, or hunting for adventurous stories, he is behind the camera, some days high up the Andes, others in the slums of Rio shooting, directing, and telling the stories of other souls that are pushing the boundaries of life.

Feel The Burn / Oct 2016 / Dominic Gill – USA – 11 min

In a place that has a reputation for decadence and discomfort, a little known ultra-marathon is attracting hundreds of runners to experience its one of a kind environment of art, music, and nature.


8:30 – 9:30pm Films

The Mountain Within / Jan 2017 / Philippe Woodtli – Switzerland – 4 min

This the new dream of Géraldine Fasnacht: Being the first person to fly with her wingsuit from the highest peak of the Mont Rose massif, natural boundary between Switzerland and Italy. The Mountain Within is a journey which takes the spectator on the tracks of Géraldine and her newest adventure.

Edges / May 2016 / Kathleen Stjernholm, Jonathan Hiller – USA – 9 min

Yvonne Dowlen has been ice skating for as long as she can remember. At the ripe age of 90, she ice skates at least five days a week and still competes in figure skating competitions across the country. Yvonne has lived her life on the ice: traveling internationally as a famous performer in the Ice-Capades and then coaching for nearly fifty years in her hometown of Denver. In recent years, she has experienced severe physical obstacles and is using both muscle memory and her passion for skating to rehabilitate. Her secret to recovery and longevity seems to lie not only in staying active, but simply in doing what she loves. Edges is a celebration of a long life lived well.

Mile 19 / May 2016 / Vincent DeLuca – USA – 10 min

Some people run for exercise and others for competition, but Johnnie Jameson runs to heal. Whether it’s the barista at your coffee shop, the valet parking your car, or the mailman who comes to your door, there are extraordinary people behind every ordinary job. Johnnie is one of them.

The Frozen Road / Feb 2017 / Ben Page – UK – 24 min

Shot and edited while cycling around the world, The Frozen Road charts Ben Page’s winter journey into the Canadian Arctic — his last section biking the American continent. The Frozen Road is an honest reflection on Ben’s solo trip; of the wonder, terror and frustration he experienced when riding through the unforgiving emptiness of one of the world’s “last great wildernesses”.


John Shocklee: a Fairy Tale / Jan 2017 / Ryan Heffernan, Grayson Schaffer – USA – 7 min

Refusing to act his age has worked out well for John Shocklee. The 51 year old has devoted his life to doing what he loves, skiing. Powered by old school hip hop and a passion for fresh powder, Shocklee makes turns down untamed slopes with the vigor and freedom of a man half his age. He’s found the fountain of youth and has no plans to grow up anytime soon.

Program 7 (10:00 – 11:00pm) – Burke Theater – Navy Memorial Heritage Center

North of Known / March 2017 / Bryan Smith – Canada – 52 min

When Gavin McClurg decided he wanted to push the boundaries of expedition paragliding, he could not have picked a more rugged, convoluted and downright burly route. In terrain where bears outnumber people, roads are non-existent and flying conditions are completely unknown, Gavin and his partner Dave Turner embark on the most remote and aggressive Vol-Bivy expedition ever attempted — traversing the entire 700-kilometer length of the Alaska Range.




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